iphone promotion and digi broadband bonus time!!!

this is something that you should try by clicking at the image below... there are two things that giving you something good... as you can see here... iphone4.. the most adorable smartphone nowadays... sold everywhere.... macam goreng pisang panas... HAHAHAH...

Don't you always envy those people who can swipe and double tap with fingers on their phones? And now I can be one of them cause DiGi iPhone4 is giving out iPhone4 with just an upgrade on your current line!

If you are already an existing iPhone 4 user and still feels like a loner because friends and family around you are still not an iPhone 4 user yet? Always have trouble finding companion to beat your Fruit Ninja's high score? Or if the birds are getting more angry because there is no one else to play with? Now here's your chance to purchase an iPhone4 without needing to subscribe to a line! Yes, you can buy the phone at DiGi's RRP! All you need to do is to sign up or just upgrade it from a iDiGi RM88 to either RM138 or RM238. Now, spread the love and share it with your friends, you might soon be able to go on multiple player on Fruit Ninja! Yeeehaaaa! Promotion ends on April 3, 2011.

I can't imagine my life without Facebook-ing for 24 hours.. and Twitter too. OMG! Can't live without internet! DiGi Broadband is giving us 5X Bonuslink points now? I am forever attached to the internet! digi broadband bonuslink

 Now the new generation of us, we need to be constantly connected to the internet, long before people will say no music no life, but for this generation, no internet no life. You will feel uneasy, your palms will be sweaty and your heartbeat will beat irregularly if one day you are disconnected from the internet world. Broadbands are the best invention, and DiGi is giving you the most affordable rates in town, as low as RM38 per month, you get to surf the internet up to 3GB! Not a broadband subscriber yet? Well you know it's never too late to subscribe to DiGi Day plan now. Not good enough? How about this, if you have Bonuslink card, you will get 3 times the point when you pay your bills on your 6th - 12th months, then there you will unlocked the major 5 times rewarding points for every RM1 when you pay your bills on the 13th month onwards. Get a broadband for yourself and your friends today, you know you need it! Have fun sharing!


  1. promotion utk ipad 2 xder gy erk..hehee=)

  2. Iphone 4? Wow...tapi tak lama lagi dah nak kuar iphone 5 and iphone nano...


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