Why should you consider Queenstown, Singapore as a place to call home

Why should you consider Queenstown as a place to call home 

After the Queen Elizabeth II coronation in year 1952, the area used to be known as Bo Beh Kang is now known today as Queenstown. The central area in the hood with very near distance to the Central Business District (CBD) of Singapore. Residential property in Queenstown area is always surround with good food and good neighbourhood. But, not to worry about buying a condominium in Queenstown.

Singapore's Queenstown history

Little bit about Singapore’s Queenstown history, apart from the Queen Elizabeth II coronation, it used to be a large swampy valley with a channel running through in a south eastern direction (yes, Singapore used to have a lot of swamp). Then, it is transformed to cemetery and rubber plantation. Not long after, it is cleared to build a new housing estate. Princess Margaret Estate (named after HM Elizabeth II's younger sister) was soon developed with more than 1,000 flats comprising one, two or three-room units and 68 terraces. In October 1956, a ceremony was held for Forfar House, a 14-storey block, distinctive landmark back then as the tallest HDB flat in Singapore. 

The area is developed as a self contained community. The former was fully completed with three cinemas, emporium, fresh food market, health centre, bowling alley, public library and nightclub cum restaurant. There’s also Town Centre and the Swimming and Sports Complex. Till today, the Swimming and Sports Complex fresh food market and cinemas are still existing for the Queenstown-er. Today, there are plentiful of eateries, entertainments, shopping and amenities to cater for the residents in Queenstown. Places like Tanglin Halt, Holland Village, Dover, Buona Vista, Commonwealth and Ghim Moh now belongs to Queenstown area.

Easy Transportation - MRT

Transportation is easily accessible in Queenstown with five MRT stations within the district. Buses and highway is also easily accessible making Queenstowner going for shopping to Orchard easy breezy. Besides, Queenstown and Orchard is just next door, bypassing Tanglin neighbourhood with just 5 minutes drive. Even private condominiums have bus stops nearby for residents. Along the MRT ride from Queenstown to Commonwealth, you’ll see a stretch of car’s showrooms, from continental cars to Japanese cars. Making you to drool with the new cars and vintage cars. Now, you know where to get your car to park in your condominium. Sometimes, you’ll be able to see new cars on the road doing some test drive. Going to IKEA Queenstown and Anchorpoint Shopping Centre is convenient, the bus that heads to IKEA always arrive within 15-20 minutes interval. 

Shopping Malls

Speaking of shopping, Queenstown provides shopping malls that cater for all. There are IKEA, Anchorpoint Shopping Centre, Queensway Shopping Centre and The Star Vista, it is where shop till your wallet drop applies. The oldest shopping in Queenstown, Queensway Shopping Centre, built in year 1976 that provides shopping and recreational options, a popular spot to get your sportswear, you can always spot the latest sports shoes in this mall and most importantly, the prices are cheaper! Then, we have the latest mall to the addition shopping mall list, The Star Vista, opened in year 2012 with one of a kind concept, cooled mall, optimises wind flows and air movement, bringing the outdoors “indoors” with lush greenery. It also houses 5,000-seat auditorium, Singapore’s largest performance venues.     


Being the first satellite town in Singapore definitely have the advantage as there are many schools built in Queestown. The renoun Anglo-Chinese School, private secondary institutional known for it’s all boys school with academic and sports excellence. Then, we have National University of Singapore (NUS), Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) and Singapore Polytechnic housing students who are pursuing tertiary education in Singapore, especially overseas students. This brings demand for Queenstown condominiums where overseas students can rent private condominium or HDB flats that’s easily accessible to their campuses.

Centralized Residential area

Queenstown is centralized residential area with plentiful of private properties like condominiums and landed making residents are spoilt for choices to stay. There are HDB flats everywhere in this matured estates but there are plentiful of condos in Queenstown. It’s a happening town, we don’t see why would you not consider Queenstown for a stay. It’s just right next to Holland Village where all the good cafés, happening bars and exquisite delicacies are sitting. Besides, it is convenient to get to schools and CBD for work. If you like to enjoy private facilities in the exclusive condo, perhaps you might want to check it out what’s available in Queenstown. Over the years, there are many condos built in Queenstown with tranquil surrounding and stunning view of the city, Dempsey Hill, West Coast Sea view. After a long day at work in the hectic city, why not settle down for a beautiful view from your house?

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