[x]o[x]o men tag trex secara x langsung =)

ahhahahaha..... selepas menegur org...after that she tagged me.... HAHAH..kena la bt kan.. xpe2... lepas ni i will tag her back.. kah kah kah.... xde penghujung cmtu... tp okk... tu those yg always ask me... why i need to make a tags... n what was it mean??? HAHHAH....TAGS is good... why?? boleh merapatkan silaturahim... aik??? HAHAHA... ye ke??? tags most of it will ask evrything about urself rite?? so... ble u kena tags.. u will copy all that tags rite utk u bt rite??? before u bt... u kena padam yg org yg menge tag u bt tu kan?? secara x langsung u akan baca kan? so u will know a lot of things about them too... HAHHAAHHAAHAH..... kan boleh kenal org x knal secara kebetulan n miracle.. see.... trex sgt suke merepek tanpa punca... lalallala.... btw... this tags is from [X]O[X]O hahahhaha..... baru i perasan.... ada 2 tags!!! HAAHHA...... :sweaty:


Its not easy as you might think!
Copy and change the answer to suit you and pass it on.
Its really hard to only use one word answer.

[1] Where is you cell phone..? here

[2] Your significant other..? frenz

[3] Your hair..? black

[4] Your mother..? garang

[5] Your father..? sporting

[6] Your favourite place..? livingroom

[7] Your dream last night..? nothing

[8] Your favourite drink..? water

[9] Your dream/goal..? Successfull

[10] What room are you in..? bedroom

[11] Your hobby..? walking

[12] Your fear..? Allah swt

[13] Where do you want to be in 6 years..? wife

[14] Where were you last night..? hall

[15] Something that you aren't..? naughty

[16] Muffins..? choc

[17] Wish list item..? unsuccesfull

[18] Where you grew up..? kedah

[19] Last night you did..? blogging

[20] What are you wearing..? shirt

[21] Your TV..? havent

[22] Your pet(s)..? momo

[23] Friends..? foreverrr

[24] Your life..? complicated

[25] Your mood..? happy

[26] Missing someone..? erkk

[27] Car..? jazz

[28] Something you're not wearing..? boxer

[29] Your favourite store..? ladies

[30] Your favourite color..? blue

[31] When the last time you laughed..? today

[32] Last time you cried..? forgotten

[33] One place that you go to over and over..? cameron

[34] One person who emails you regularly..? nop

[35] One word for all this? sengal~


[FIRST] please uplod pic fav korg

[SECOND] kat mana time tu..?
merata.... nape?? hahahah.... eh.. tertanya balik la... ngeeeee

[THIRD] siapa yang capture..?
trex la...

[FOURTH] kenapa suka pic ni..?
sebab smart... trex edit... n sume ada...geng biri-biri hitam

nak tag mereka ini boley x??

bd fabregas
sesapa yg nak jawab tag ni :devilishgrin:


  1. ni br skit... trex ada byk gle lg tag yg x siap... siap r sesapa yg kena nti... tgk pk nak bt episod cena nak jawab tag2 tu sume... HAHAHAHHAHA......

  2. aikk... tm i bgtau ad tag tu la dah ada.. adoyai... hehehehhe... bt yea.. kih kih kih

  3. alaaa, apsal tag aku lg??
    nak wat camne, kena la jwb.. kang t-rex ni majuk, dia soh aku belanja mkn daging zirafah kang..


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