a guy

1. when a guy is quiet and is alone,he is thinking how good you are, missyou!!!
2. when a guy is lying on his bed,he is thinking deeply why he loves you and how important you are.
3. when a guy looks at you in youreyes,he want to tell u how much he loves u and how important u are.
4. when a guy answer " I'm fine" after a while,he is not and feels hurts.
5. when a guy keep asking u the same question,he is wondering why u are lying.
6. when a guy hugs u while sleeping,he is wishing that u belongs to him forever.
7. when a guy calls u everyday,he miss u and want ur attention.
8. when a guy wants to see u everyday,he cares for u and want to know how r u today.
9. when a guy sms's u everyday,he want u to know he is fine.
10. when a guy say i luv u,he really means it.
11. when a guy say that he cant live without u,he has made up his mind that u are his future wife.
12. when a guy say " I miss u",he want to see u immeditely.

i dont know where i found this..juz nak sepahkn my blog..lalalaallala :p

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